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Conscious fashion is a trend that will change this world for the better.
Today we want to share with you how we implement the principles of sustainable and slow fashion in life, and simply explain what it is.

2 minutes and you are already in the topic, enjoy.

sustainable fashion denim

Sustainable fashion means caring for the environment, people and the planet. But first of all, concern for the future.

This is a story about responsibility and finding a balance of resources in the development, production and consumption of clothing.

denim slow fashion

Slow fashion is a component of Sustainability.
The main principle is to buy less often, but with better quality.

We at minnim are followers of slow fashion and believe that each of us is responsible for preserving the planet's resources.
minnim sustainability

Therefore, in the approach to production, we focus on:
  • creating clothes from higher quality materials
  • timeless design that will not go out of fashion until the end of the season
  • ethical and ecological production

повільна мода міннім

90% of the materials used to make our jeans are sustainable and recycled.

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