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Mom shorts: the best solution for summer

As well as straight leg jeans, mom shorts remain in trend for the next hot season. Insanely comfortable, with a high fit and wide pant legs - this style has become a masthead for every girl. The summer version will always be in harmony with everyday images, and the comfort provided by the quality product will definitely appreciate the buyers.
Popular "moms", they are also mom fit shorts, burst into the fashion world and firmly fixed as an alternative to the tight-fitting denim. Mega comfortable, these shorts were popular back in the 80's and found a new breath a few seasons ago.

About the features and advantages of the model

Denim shorts mom fit is a story about a unique style of free and comfortable clothing. Variations in design on this theme are enough. Everyone will find an acceptable performance, unique design accents or can settle on a laconic base.

Distinguishing features:
  • Classic pieces are characterized by a high and exaggerated waist, which advantageously emphasizes a tough silhouette, visually elongates the legs and neatly hides the imperfections of the figure. You can find mom shorts with a low landing, to which you will need to think carefully about the top;
  • Loose, extended pant legs. For hot weather a natural heat exchange is guaranteed, which is important with profuse sweating. The air between the material and the body ensures that the material used looks organic;
  • Quality denim. Real mom denim shorts are made of dense and breathable denim. Only natural threads are present in the weave, and due to this, the shape of your favorite shorts and jeans is preserved.

Possible combinations

Given the huge range of solutions in loose fit, it is difficult to find the perfect mom fit shorts at once, so that they fit your figure and are durable.

A few tips from minnim to make the purchase really happy:
  • A successful color. For a basic capsule closet, you should choose mono colors. The shade can range from light to dark blue. Black and gray are more restrained and practical. To the positive aspects of the monochrome concept include the possibility of combining this clothing with any styles and accessories;
  • Pleasant texture of the denim. High-quality fabric does not float, holds its shape and retains a rich shade even with regular washing;
  • The presence of a lapel and its width. This kind of styling works with all styles and renderings of any bow you choose. A wonderful solution for a hot summer when you want comfort, and dresses and sundresses are already bored;
  • Comfortable fit and models for every shape. High-waisted shorts are an opportunity to hide imperfections and emphasize the advantages.

We invite you to see all our variations of models and shades of denim from minnim. Order shorts that will not let you down, you can on our site or write to us and help pick up the size for 3 minutes...