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Trendy women's cropp shorts

It's hard to imagine a summer closet without comfortable shorts. Every girl can find one practical pair with which you can't get out. The most desirable shorts for your personal capsule collection can be both classic and cropped with a ripped edge...

Trends are changing with incredible speed. And so you want to find one permanent solution, which will serve for several seasons. This variant will be popular cropped shorts.
Shorts for lovers of free street style and a perfect format for summer looks. The model will be appreciated by those who love not to be constrained, and by those who choose practicality and comfort.

Get to know the cropp design.

Cropp shorts are a design with a cropped cut and raw bottom. Cropp is characterized by a high fit and a short, loose fit.  
The cut presented in this category partially continues the "mom" model line, slightly simplifying the excess volume into shorter and slightly more fitted shorts.

Length. Most often these are models with a length above the knee or above mid-thigh. The first ones are perfectly combined with shoes on a rough sole and popular massive accessories. The latter are more suitable for those who like to emphasize the beauty of legs and visually elongate them. The product does not broadcast a deliberate sexuality, but adds to the images naturalness, elegance and sense of aesthetics.
Fit. The high fit continues to lead the way, not giving way to the return of the low waistline trend. The advantages of the high waist are: the balance of the figure, the ability to visually lengthen the legs, the over-size mood, the perfect combination with cropped tops, T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses.
Pockets. The final image is influenced not only by the presence or absence of pockets, but also by their format. For example, slightly slanted inside pockets create a push-up effect. High pockets elongate the legs, and the low and wide arrangement will allow to shift the accent on the buttocks.
Bottoms. When bored with the standard design with stitching or lapels, it's time to buy cropp shorts for women. A light sloppiness with a raw bottom is a wonderful base for light, delicate looks.

Cropped cropp shorts in the range: weigh the pros and cons

Worried about wearing things with raw bottoms? It seems that such products are about to unravel?

We hasten to dispel popular myths about cropped shorts:
  1. Despite the relatively rough performance, shorts look insanely feminine. Good in a combination look laconic top, for example, a basic T-shirt, monochrome turtleneck or long sweater in monochrome. Sharpness will be added to the image with lace tops, tops in lingerie style.
  2. Although fashion is fickle, the basic things will last for several seasons. Shorts with a raw edge will be just such a base. Both straight and boyfriend, knee-length or short (mini) - a tempting alternative to skirts and jeans.
  3. They are not just full of sport. There is still the perception that the shorts are a strictly sports option. As practice shows, the comfort can be in the classics. Try to diversify your closet and combine cropp shorts with double-breasted jackets, wear shirts tucked in or worn outside.
  4. All shades of grunge. Having decided on the style, it's turn of the color. Be guided by personal preferences. Today available models are blue, blue, gray and graphite.

The most relevant models, with a slight raw edge and different shades. Order your perfect shorts in the online store minnim.