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Women's jean shorts: with what to wear?

Few people know that women's jean shorts were introduced into fashion by the legendary Coco Chanel. Whatever she wore the trendsetter, her ideas were instantly taken up by the public. One of its most provocative innovations of Coco was denim shorts. The designer started wearing cropped below-knee denim pants, which gradually became more and more like shorts.

Today, denim shorts for women - a thing that is in the closet of every girl. The versatility, comfort, and practicality of such clothes allow you to create a base for images of different styles.

With denim shorts can be worn tight and loose T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses and shirts, lengthened or short jackets, raglans, and hoodies. You can create a more classic, traditional style, the simplest casual or sporty look. For a stylish combination of clothes, it is important to choose the right footwear. If you wear shorts with a T-shirt or T-shirt, it's best to choose sports shoes (sneakers, sneakers) or sandals on a flat sole. The competent mixing of styles is also acceptable: nowadays the combination of a voluminous top with shapely denim shorts and high-heeled shoes is especially popular.

Remember that stylish images with denim shorts are limited only by your imagination.

Buy denim shorts for women: choose high-quality clothing

Since shorts are summer clothes, it is especially important to choose high-quality products. Denim shorts for women made of quality material will save in hot weather. Such clothes are nice to wear on the beach and around town, even if it's +30 ℃ outside.

What quality aspects should be paid attention to when choosing shorts in the first place?

● Material.

The fabric composition should be 100% natural (cotton). This material is the most agreeable to the body and will breathe well in hot weather. High-quality denim is produced in the EU countries, as well as in Japan.

● Appearance (sewing quality).

Even stitching, neat seams, symmetry of all elements and firmly sewn seams are all signs of quality tailoring. It is best to choose things made locally, not in Asian countries.

● Density.

Dense natural denim is worn much longer than thin fabrics. On it almost no scuffs do not appear, there are no hooks. These shorts women's denim will look attractive even after several years of regular wear.

● Color.

The quality of dyeing directly affects the appearance of denim shorts. The shade should be uniform, without traces and streaks (the exception is the boiled effect, which is achieved on purpose).

Which denim shorts are right for you?

There are dozens of models of denim shorts - varied in length, silhouette, degree of fit and shape of the pants. Most models need to be chosen according to your body type and height. But there is also a universal model that will help emphasize the form of each girl. Buy women's jeans shorts universal cut you can at our online store. We offer models of shorts mom, which are still in the 80's have not lost their popularity.

Mom shorts by minnim:

1.   A high fit, which emphasizes the waist and hides the roundness of the tummy. A high waistline also visually elongates legs.

2.  Optimum length. Shorts of medium length are really suitable for every figure. They perfectly sit on the hips, at the same time covering the upper part of the legs, visually making them slimmer.

3.   Average width of trousers is the most comfortable option for summer walks. Such a cut is suitable for girls of any build and height.

4.   Classic colors of gray and blue denim are suitable for both casual and sporty clothing styles. If you want to buy women's shorts in these colors, consider that the capsule of clothes for summer is ready!

How to choose the size of denim shorts?

The traditional American size system for denim shorts is a scale of waist circumference in inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm). In our store you can buy women's jean shorts in sizes W26"-W30".

To determine your size, take the measurements of the waist circumference, hips, as well as length and width of the pant leg. This way you can find the right size with high accuracy. We do not recommend choosing the size according to the size of existing shorts from other manufacturers, even if the size grid is the same. Even a slight difference in sizing makes a big difference in the correct fit of the shorts. If you have a favorite item from another brand, it is best to measure it with a tape measure. The measured measurements can be applied to our sizing grid on the website.

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After ordering on the site, our manager will call back and clarify the details. We will send the order the same day, so it will arrive at the office of Novaya Mail or at the address you specify in 1-2 days.

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