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Denim shorts is a must-have for your summer wardrobe.

The most relevant denim clothing in summer is denim shorts made of natural material. Such products are not only convenient and practical, but also have an attractive appearance. You can buy cheap denim shorts in our minnim store. The range of the brand is regularly updated with current colors of men's and women's shorts with a classic cut. We prefer minimalistic design. Our denim shorts can be worn as a casual urban style, while traveling and relaxing on the beach.

The trendy design and variety of shades make it possible to combine denim shorts with T-shirts, blouses, shirts and hoodies. By buying clothes from us, you get high-quality shorts made of high-strength German denim. This means that denim shorts will be worn much longer than their counterparts made of thin fabric.

Buy high-quality denim shorts

How not to make a mistake when choosing denim shorts? If you want to buy cheap denim shorts, this does not mean that the product must be of poor quality. It is best to buy denim shorts from local brands that make their own clothes.

When choosing denim shorts, we recommend paying attention to several aspects:

1)   The quality of the fabric. Natural denim (100% cotton) will "breathe" in summer at any temperature. If synthetics are present in the composition of the fabric, the thermoregulating properties of the material are reduced. In such clothes it will be hot in summer. If you are looking for where to buy cheap denim shorts, you need to carefully study the composition of the fabric.
2)   Processing quality. Denim dyeing occurs at the material production stage. Jeans are then sewn from denim, which are tumbled with special stones and enzymes to obtain different shades. The final color of the product will depend on the degree of such processing. The treated denim does not leave marks on the body and does not shed after washing.
Cheap denim shorts are sewn from ready-made fabric with the desired shade, such products are not processed.
3)   Cut and seams. A correctly modeled cut is sewn without pulling the fabric, and sits perfectly on the figure. In these denim shorts, there are no excessive gathers along the seams of the belt axis, and all stitches are even, both outside and inside out.

Denim shorts from the Ukrainian brand minnim

Our designers have designed classic denim shorts for men and women. We offer models that will be relevant outside of trends and will be able to complement the summer looks of any style. Why should you buy denim shorts from us?

Advantages of our products:

●      High quality of each pair of shorts. We create denim clothes at the best jeans production in Ukraine. minnim is a small team of passionate professionals, so we pay attention to every detail. And we control the production process at all stages.
●      Origin of materials. We give preference only to high-quality and proven by us denim. We use high-density German denim (14 ounces) for our garments - this material lasts 2 times longer than thin denim. This means that you can buy denim shorts every few years.
●      Aesthetics. We see beauty in the simplicity of classic cuts and strive to create clothes that look amazing on any figure. You can buy denim shorts with a straight cut in various colors from us.
●      Style. Our models will be popular beyond time and trends. These are the basic things with which you can create images in a wide variety of styles.

Buy denim shorts in the online store

The fastest way to buy denim shorts Kyiv is to order your favorite model on the website. Our store offers free shipping, including returns and exchanges. When contacting us, we will help you choose the size in 3 minutes. If the item does not fit the figure as you would like, you can issue a return or buy new denim shorts without additional expenses.

To avoid errors in determining the size of shorts, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on the size grid. This information is placed in the description of each product in the form of an active link.

For accurate sizing, it is recommended that you take your own measurements or measure denim shorts that fit you well. Compare your measurements with the measurements on our website and you'll be able to find your perfect pair of denim shorts with ease.

While the sizing is based on denim weight, it is best to choose the larger size when choosing between two sizes. Since dense, natural denim has little to no stretch, a larger size will look better on the figure. A looser cut will favorably emphasize all the advantages of the body. While the smaller size can hinder movement. We emphasize that these recommendations apply only to cases where your measurements coincide with the middle value between two sizes.

Buy denim shorts in Ukraine with delivery

Delivery of jeanswear to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and throughout Ukraine is carried out in a short time. In just 1–2 days from the moment of ordering, jeans will be waiting for you at the Nova Poshta office. We cover all shipping costs for our customers. You can also arrange for the shipment of things from our store by courier in Kyiv (free of charge for orders in the amount of 1600 UAH).

The minnim assortment is presented in showrooms and stores in 5 major cities of Ukraine. If you are looking for denim shorts in Ukraine or buy denim shorts Kyiv, visit Vsi Svoi, 482 Store, Utopia and others. We regularly replenish the collection with new models and we will be glad to see you as one of the first to try on!