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What to wear with a denim jacket: 7 ways to vary your look

Denim jackets are such a classic outfit, they have many different wearing options and are really able to help collect the winning bow in the shortest possible time. It is known that you can add a denim jacket to almost anything to justify buying a dress or a nice top in the store. We can't wait to share with you the tone of the different ways you can wear your favorite denim jacket.

What to wear with a denim jacket

A denim jacket is the perfect third item of clothing. It brings the image together, adding an extra layer. Indeed, there is nothing that you can't wear a denim jacket with. Well, maybe with a ball gown, but to be honest, it will still be a cool combination that we can well support.

In summer, a denim jacket goes well with a dress or romper. You can always wear a denim jacket with a pair of your favorite jeans - a bow known as the "Canadian tuxedo". If you have a fashionable dress, just add a denim jacket and sneakers and you will instantly turn your work suit into a weekend.

The same can be said about casual, lazy clothes. When you add a denim jacket, you will feel that your tracksuits are a cool outfit in a street style, not what you just got out of bed in. The versatility of this item of clothing is that it is so beautiful.

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How to wear a denim jacket 7 different ways

Denim jackets with summer dresses

Summer is a special time for summer dresses, and in the evening a mandatory attribute of a fashionista is a denim jacket under the same light dress. This is ideal in case the sun sets and gets a little cooler. You can also tie the jacket around the waist to give it shape. And if you just want to keep warm, this is a great solution that also looks good!

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a mini, maxi or midi dress, a denim jacket, especially an oversized one, looks very impressive. It helps to give your image relaxation.

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Overalls and rompers

Overalls and rompers are a great extra layer. You can choose a large denim jacket for everyday wear. It softens the image a bit, which is a great way to expand your wardrobe. Or a classic dark jacket, fitted, which goes well with a light spring jumpsuit.

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Denim jackets with autumn dresses

The only time of year when you can't wear a denim jacket is winter. It's just very cold. But autumn is a great time to turn sweater dresses and winter dresses into season. The denim jacket goes really well with all these winter dresses in the fall!

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Denim jackets with copper skirts

Ideal for a more elegant look, which can be suitable for everyday Friday in the office or dinner with friends. You can replace sneakers with sandals or heels that will instantly beautify this image.

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Denim jackets with summer shorts

In summer we live in shorts. Usually in jeans. That's when we usually add a colored denim jacket or a jacket with a print. But when you choose linen shorts or black, white denim options, it will be advantageous to add a denim jacket made of blue denim.

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Not with jeans

You can wear denim jackets with jeans (Canadian tuxedo), but you can also combine khaki pants, black jeans and even joggers with a denim jacket. They add a bit of contrast and a perfect light layer to your image. This is a very good combination for spring and autumn, when it is no longer cold outside, but not yet hot.

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Denim jacket with leggings

Your uniform for autumn and travel - there is nothing better than comfortable leggings, a cotton T-shirt and a large denim jacket. This is a finished image and so convenient. If it's cool outside, you can wear a sweatshirt under your jacket. You can make this image more elegant with faux leather leggings and cool mules or sneakers!

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Kateryna Lipchina, fan of denim

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