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Buy a denim jacket from the Ukrainian manufacturer minnim

Denim jackets or denim jackets are one of those things that have been on trend since their inception. At the same time, the classic models of denim jackets today do not differ much from the original version created for workers.

For classic cut minnim jackets, we used the traditional Work Jacket with large chest pockets. Simplicity, minimalism and style are everything you want in a basic denim jacket. It is these aspects that we have embodied in the collection of denim jackets from the Ukrainian brand minnim.

Denim jackets are your stylish everyday wear

Denim jackets first appeared 100 years ago. In 1921, almost simultaneously, the most famous denim brands Lee and Levi's released the first versions of denim jackets. At that time, such clothes were intended for railway workers, and therefore looked like overalls with large breast pockets. Gradually, the fashion for jeans moved to the catwalks, and since then this wardrobe item has always been in demand.
The classic model of the jacket is made of dense natural denim with a straight silhouette to the waist, dropped sleeves and a turn-down collar. The color palette of the product can be varied - both blue (the natural color of denim), and blue, gray, black, white and other colors.
A denim jacket is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe, as it fits various types of clothing. It can be worn almost all year round, including jeans used as a jacket even in winter.

Benefits of a denim jacket:

●      Practical - comfortable everyday wear.
●      Versatility - complements images in various styles.
●      Appearance - a stylish wardrobe item for almost any occasion.
●      Fashion is always an actual thing outside of trends.

How to wear with denim jackets

A denim jacket is one of the most versatile essentials. With it, you can create completely different styles of bows. We have selected the most relevant examples of combinations of denim jackets with various wardrobe items:

For men

In the cold season: over sweaters, sweatshirts, as a jacket under informal style shirts. It is equally important to choose the right shoes: with jeans and sweatshirts, it is best to wear sports-style sneakers/boots. With shirts, we prefer classic shoes.
In the warm season: with almost any clothing: T-shirts, T-shirts, various shirts, raglans, hoodies. Men's jackets look best with closed shoes (this can be summer sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins, etc.). Including universal and oversized denim jacket to buy Ukraine (available on our website).

For women

In the cold season: on sweaters, hoodies, blouses, shirts, over warm casual dresses as a jacket. Jeans go well not only with sports shoes, but also with heels and classic low-speed pumps.
In the warm season: with almost any clothes, with the exception of classic and cocktail dresses. Jeans, which you can buy on our website, will complement any bold image from your imagination!

How to buy a cheap and good-quality denim jacket

When looking for the right denim jacket, you should pay attention not only to price, but also to quality. Not always a very expensive jacket will be the best option on the market. How to make sure that the chosen item is worth its price? Before you buy a cheap denim jacket, make sure that this item:
1.     Made from natural denim. The composition of the fabric must be 100% cotton.
2.     Made of material with dense texture and good shape retention. High-quality denim jackets are made from high-density denim, so the product has an attractive appearance. Thin denim jackets don't look as attractive and look more like shirts.
3.     Sewn-in compliance with standards and technology. A good thing looks neat not only from the outside but also from the inside - with high-quality seams, even lines and the same distance between the buttons. The symmetry of the product is also important.
4.     Quality processing. Good quality material is dyed at the production stage, and then the finished product undergoes special processing. A good thing can be immediately identified by color - after processing, high-quality denim has a characteristic shade. After washing, such a product does not shed.

Quality denim items at the best price are available in our online store. The assortment also includes an oversized denim jacket to buy in Ukraine.

Denim jacket to buy Ukraine: minnim advantages

Among the many brands of the mass market, we recommend that you consider an alternative option. minnim is a local manufacturer of denim jackets with worldwide shipping.

We are distinguished by a professional approach to tailoring technology and we know everything about improving the quality of jeanswear.

Buying denim jackets from us, customers get more than just clothes:

1)   Denim items from true connoisseurs of minimalism and classics. We develop all denim products ourselves, taking as a basis the legendary models with world history.
2)   Taking care of yourself and the environment. Our clothes are 100% natural - the kind of clothes you and our planet deserve.
3)  Open dialogue. You can always contact us with suggestions and recommendations, which will then be implemented into our service.
4)   We will help you choose the right size. Just contact our manager by phone on the site. If the item does not fit, we will exchange it for free and take care of all shipping costs.
5)   We have delivery of women's denim shorts to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and throughout Ukraine.