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Straight jeans: a classic in its improved version

Claiming itself more than 100 years ago, denim has won not only the men's favor but also many women's hearts. Now this version of clothing has become part of the everyday closet. And in some cases, swung and even moved to the classic business images. You're sure to meet a successful combination: jeans straight + dark turtleneck, jeans straight + double-breasted jacket or vest.

Over its entire period of existence, denim has not ceased to transform. Under the wind of fashion has changed a huge number of styles. High-fit has replaced low-fit, bell-bottom is again bursting into trends, and the time has come for skinny to rest on the shelf. Perhaps the model that always remains in demand will be the straight jeans. After all, simple and concise are synonymous with perfect.  

Talk about straight jeans for women.

Things in the presented style are considered universal because they fit everyone and are appropriate for any event.
Why does every self-respecting girl have at least one pair of straight denim?
Cut in the format of "jeans-pipes" means the same width of the pant leg along the entire length. This is the main difference between models of skinnies, slims, or extended moms.

Key features include:
  • A tight fit on the hips. The effect of a light fit does not constrain movement, while organically accentuating the silhouette. The figure looks balanced due to the strict geometry and smooth curves of the waistline and hips;
  • Full-length pant legs. Shorter models are losing their relevance. But straight jeans for women in full-length will be a godsend for lovers of sports shoes as well as lovers of heels, platforms, rough-heeled loafers, derbies, oxfords;
  • Harmony of a figure and internal self-perception. A great option to hide figure imperfections. A find for all figure types. Without exceptions, straight jeans will sit well on both lean and plump girls. Organic denim for girls with both low and high growth.
The only and most important rule of choice: always buy the model strictly in your size. All parameters must match your hip and waist circumference.

An assortment for every taste.

Choosing straight jeans for women, explore the entire available range. There are a lot of models, a huge number of colors. Seasonal trends are produced with accents, such as cuts at the bottom or darts on the hips. The unchangeable classics are characterized by:
  • A noble solid color scheme, without bright transitions or gradients. Black and gray will be calm and laconic. The palette of blue looks more interesting. In the fall and winter, it is better to take dark blue solutions, but with the advent of spring you can shift the accents to the blue and white, pistachio, cream jeans;
  • An outlined waist and hips, the same width of the whole trouser leg. No tight fit or oversized, as with boyfriends, bananas. The model looks neat, the pant leg to the heel can either go flush with athletic shoes or cover the heel halfway;
  • High-quality material. The fabric base is always dense. Stretch models are not allowed, because sagging and stretching often appear even when walking on the knees. A little rougher texture guarantees that the denim will hold a given shape well. It also excludes the effect of shade washed out after the next wash. Pay attention to the accessories. Buttons and zippers should freely perform their functions;
  • Eco-friendliness trend. All dyes used should be certified and not harmful to the health of the user. Similar requirements and with regard to durability, and comfort. In natural fabric, the body will be pleasant both on a hot day and in cool evenings.

Straight jeans for men

Need to buy straight jeans for men? Simple as that. We order a straight cut and combine it with different images. The selection criteria for men is almost the same as for women. They should be jeans:
  • With a reasonable ratio of pant length for the desired height;
  • A comfortable waist level, a slight fit in the thighs without restricting too much movement;
  • perfect seams, quality accessories, real thick denim.
Most often men choose dark colors, so on this site, you can find variations in black, navy, and gray shades.

Are you going to buy straight jeans, but have not yet decided on the choice? We'll be happy to help and size you up in 3 minutes. We do jeans and you do your business.
We get acquainted with the current availability of assortment, look at the size grid and order the best option with a straight cut anywhere in the world.