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Palazzo jeans: high fit, wide leg, and freedom of movement

With the trend for "personalized", choosing denim should be guided only by individual wishes. A well-chosen style will be a lifesaver and will help to reveal your personality. And if the skinnies are already boring, and the pipes do not cause a stir - it's time to buy jeans palazzo.

Cut palazzo ready to tell a unique story. This cut will wonderfully complement any outfit from your closet, whether it is a stylish cropped top or a restrained oversize shirt. Eco-leather blouses, together with the suit jackets will make the image more daring and decisive. And when you want tenderness, combine palazzo jeans with a turtleneck, trench coat, long sleeve, or T-shirt.

The return of a legend or a new trend? Hip flare jeans are making a comeback

In the world of high fashion, there is no consensus about the founder of the cut palazzo. Some fashion designers believe that the hip flare jeans first made themselves known at the shows of Coco Chanel. An interesting fact is that the designer herself adored so loose wide pants. Others give laurels of the primacy to Emilio Pucci. In the 20th century, lightweight fabric pants, visually similar to the skirt on the floor, became insanely popular. The novelty appealed to Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn.

Just a few years ago, this version of denim looked quite extravagant. And now, retro wave and the popularity of oversize things brought them back to the ranks of the must-have palazzo jeans.
Since 2020, practically displacing skinnies, palazzo jeans appeared in the closet of every girl. And the main thing is that such practical solutions will prove to be timeless and will please their owners for more than one season.

About palazzo in details

Not all wide jeans are palazzo. In addition to this model, there is denim in mom design, mom fit, slings, bananas, culottes, bell-bottoms. What is the main feature of a particular design?

Going to buy palazzo jeans, consider the following points:
  • The pant leg begins to expand from the hip line. If the outline of the waist and the upper part of the buttocks are effectively outlined, then the pant legs will provide enough space;
  • The waist can be either high or low. The latter format serves as a "throwback to the '90s." Which height to stop at is up to the customer to decide;
  • The pant leg is always straight. It holds its shape well, and does not narrow or expand. The cut gives freedom from the waistline, emphasizing the silhouette;
  • The ideal pant leg length is flush with the heel and slightly overlapping with the shoes. You can combine palazzo jeans with sneakers, sneakers, loafers, brogues, sandals, Chelsea, and of course - heels.

Choosing palazzo jeans.

A few recommendations from minnim for a successful purchase:
  1. A basic palette. Bright and saturated shades will be left for accent things, but it is better to buy denim in always appropriate shades of black, graphite, gray, dark blue, or blue.
  2. Decoration. The less jewelry, the more stylish the image. Monochrome shades without scuffs or ornaments look expensive and do not create unnecessary accents.
  3. The quality of the material, accessories, and seams. Only the right cut, matching body parameters, and professional work of the master ensure that the jeans will improve the image and mood.
  4. Processing the bottom. Today there are models with an untreated bottom or classic hemstitched palazzo with a flat edge. Here you choose.
  5. Presence of pockets. How could it be without them? Especially with the help of their competent location will correct the imperfections of the figure.
Already ready to buy jeans palazzo, which will last more than one season? On our site, minnim.ua represented current models and shades, with delivery anywhere in Ukraine and the world.