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Jeans mom: versatile model and always stylish images

It's hard to imagine how many variations of denim there are today. Slouchy, bananas, skinnies, plaid, piping, bootcut - the range is really big. But one of the most adored and most demanded solutions still remains mom jeans.
Comfortable and practical, denim jeans were at the peak of popularity in the 90s. Young moms and businesswomen, lovers of casual style, and fans of active lifestyles - every beautiful girl in the heart just had a place for loose jeans.

In addition to the loose cut and dense texture of the material, the clothes are sometimes characterized by a small addition of stretch. The right proportion of natural and synthetic fibers will make the jeans fashion wear-resistant, and resistant to stretch.
In the early noughties, the fashion trend changed to tight skinnies. And now, starting in 2017-18, the trend for eco-friendliness, comfort, and retro mood has brought back our adored mom jeans for women.

Exploring the cut-in details

Going to buy mom jeans, you should first familiarize yourself with the features of the cut. If you have already had to wear "pipes" or other loose models, it will be easy to determine. For those who are going to get a stylish pair for the first time, tell about the main points of stylization denim:
  • Mom jeans come predominantly with a high fit. In some ranges, it may be an inflated fit. This solution visually lengthens the hip line, and gives the opportunity to combine the harmony and balance of the figure;
  • free cutting of trousers in the thigh area, but without excessive volume. The fabric does not fit but follows the contours of the body. Such "moms" should not create a baggy effect, but only provide the body with the much-needed freedom of movement;
  • slightly narrowed to the bottom of the trousers and shortened length. While the top is characterized by air between the body and the material, the bottom of the pant goes almost snug. The length in ⅞ perfectly combines with sports shoes, as well as with classic pump shoes, Chelsea, brogues, and oxfords.
Hasten to dispel the stereotype of rough and masculine images. Mom jeans for women though at first glance and look too simple and pretentious, most of them, on the contrary, reveal the beauty of girls, provide a feminine and gentle image.
Due to the play texture of the material and tailoring set, the figure will look most aesthetically.

Who should buy women's jeans Mom?

Pleasant fact: jeans women's mom ideal for the basic closet, creating a capsule collection of clothes for all seasons. In summer it will be lightweight images with cropped tops, shirts, and blouses. For fall and spring, we'll add a trench coat or a biker jacket to the closet. For winter let's improve the image with eco-coats, quilted coats, and down jackets.

More specifically about the benefits of the model:
  1. Women's Mo jeans visually slightly expand the line of the hips. High fit helps to keep the balance. Due to the loose material around the buttocks and thighs are added roundness, and attractiveness of forms. Excellent solution for slender fashionistas.
  2. Perfect for girls with shapes such as "inverted triangle". If you want to hide the broad shoulders, feel free to take jeans in fashion. Visually, the proportions of the body will look attractive.
  3. Solutions for the figure type "pear" and "hourglass". Do not categorically refuse to wear cool denim if it seems that the hips are too wide. Let's discard the preconceived notion and try on mom women's jeans immediately in combination with the top. Today there are many interesting solutions for outerwear, which will reveal "moms" on any type of figure.

Recommendations for choosing a model

A few tips to help you find and buy women's jeans mom:
  • To make the denim look organic, it is important not to overlap the waistline. It is a high fit - a chip of this closet item. It is better to tuck in the outer clothing partially or completely. You can choose shortened long sleeves and blouses, or cardigans. A wide leather belt with a metal buckle would help to emphasize the waist even more;
  • A properly chosen solution should be looked through in its entirety and should sit organically on the figure. When ordering please take into account the specified sizes. Pants-small sizes exclude the stylization of moms, and too wide pants on skinny legs will make "moms" look like voluminous slouches;
  • The quality of fabric and accessories. An important consideration for any closet item;
  • Considering all the available colors, it is worth choosing the always appropriate monocolor. This could be blue, navy blue, black or gray. The main thing is a single concept without an abundance of decor and shade transitions.
Want to buy jeans Mom at a reasonable price and pick up perfectly on his figure? We invite you to see our range and current shades of our brand minnim. Our mom jeans for women will love the most demanding girls.

Explore detailed specifications and descriptions for each model, read reviews and choose your size. You can order at any address in Kyiv, Ukraine, and worldwide, as to the branch of the New Post, and to any convenient address.