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Cropped jeans: why is it a versatile choice for any season?

Cropped jeans are a model of jeans with raw edges. They look a little sloppy, adding a touch of boldness to your look. This may be a model with both neat edges and with released threads. You may also get skinny jeans, flared jeans, or wide-fit jeans. A great option to choose jeans for your height and deliberately add carelessness to the outfit. 

How to choose and with what to wear cropped jeans?

Let's understand the types of cropped jeans and determine what they go best with. As with the more classic models, there are several options here:

  1. Skinny cropped jeans. Excellent to emphasize long and slender legs, combined with both low running, such as with loafers and ballet flats, as well as shoes with heels. Goes best with skinny jeans loose and voluminous top - over-size shirts, hoodies or wide sweaters;
  2. Cropped wide jeans. This is the same jeans culottes, but with ripped edges. Perfect for casual looks and even for office dress code if you choose neutral, classic shades;
  3. Cropped flared jeans. The most "dangerous" option is out of the suggested ones. It is important that such a model does not take away your height. It is best to choose shoes without additional straps, so as not to visually shorten your legs;
  4. Straight cropped jeans. Classic cropped jeans that are suitable for any occasion. They can be easily combined with different tops: from corsets and tops to sweaters and shirts. With shoes, too, you can safely experiment. 

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