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What kind of jeans for women to buy this season?

Denim has become the base of our everyday style. It can be combined with shoes, accessories, and outerwear that are different in design and style. Just one accent can completely change the image. Therefore, in assembling a capsule collection it is necessary to maintain a balance between the basic and accent closet.
A universal find will be jeans for women, which you can buy in accordance with the desired size and taking into account individual wishes.

What will be the style of adored pair, decide only by the owner of quality denim? The main criteria for choosing jeans include:
  • Appropriateness in size, correctly selected cut for the type of figure
  • The quality of the material and accessories, as well as high-quality workmanship cut of all seams;
  • The desire to keep up with trends and update the closet with stylish and comfortable jeans.
  • Variety of palettes. Black and gray jeans will remain basic, regardless of the changing moods of fashion. The range of blue, blue, green, and other even more vivid colors will definitely help to combine your look, but it is better to choose classical shades of jeans, to highlight the image of other elements of the image.
The brand minnim produces the most current models. We have collected them on our website, where you can compare them in different shades.
You can save time by quickly buying women's jeans on our site, and if you are not sure of the size, we will help you pick them up in 3 minutes.

Classics to create a capsule closet

Wide jeans, aka tube or straight models, are the masthead for the coming years. Style comes from the '90s again in the trend. Displacing the longstanding popularity of skinny jeans, wide straight jeans have won the love of modern girls. Everyone should have at least one such pair of jeans. Buy women's models now very easily, but there is a problem with proper selection. What stands out and what can be:

  1. Without a tight fit to the body and free, not restricting movement.
  2. Insanely elegant, and made of rough-to-the-touch fabric, such models perfectly hold a given shape. A classic always sits well on the figure, organically hiding any imperfections.
  3. You can find straight-leg jeans with both finished and unprocessed edges. There are also cropped models with an untrimmed bottom line, which are popular for everyday looks.

About comfort for the body and freedom of movement

Oversize will remain with us for several more seasons. The main advantage of such clothing is its comfort. In addition, jeans in the type of slouchy, bananas, bell-bottoms, and palazzo look luxurious. Among the available solutions sure get a model to suit your taste:
  • Elegant palazzos. Widened from the hip and fitted at the waist, and buttocks. Excellent look both with the low running shoes, and a high heel. The main rule is to choose a good length of trousers;
  • Bananas and slouches with their baggy style. The cut is extended along the whole length and is gathered only at the foot. It could be a model with elastic bands or with a classic button-down. Most often there are spacious pockets;
  • Placket. Another trend from the '90s was reinterpreted and updated. The design itself fits neatly to the body, and the extension of the pant leg starts from the knee.
Figuring out the cut and color, do not forget about the fit. Most of the models are presented with a high waistline. In contrast, from the beginning of 2022, the world's runways seized jeans with a low fit. At the same time, remain familiar with each over-size line, placket pants.

Buy jeans for women - it is an opportunity to give yourself a good mood. Each style is unique because behind it hides individuality and personality.

minnim provides a huge space for jeans fantasies. Choose and order delivery anywhere in the country.