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Men's jeans - versatile clothing.

The history of jeans has several centuries, and the special popularity of these products was first gained among the working men. Robust, coarse fabric can withstand tremendous stress and is worn longer than any other. Over time, the design of the classic men's jeans was improved. Rivets were added to the pockets for increased durability, and the codpiece buttons were replaced by zippers. Today you can buy cheap men's jeans not only a classic free cut but also skinny, straight or baggy.

Men's jeans have become so popular that they are not only seen as casual wear but can complement the classic image. Denim in dark colors looks great in combination with jackets, shirts, and classic shoes in different colors.

Buy skinny jeans for men

Our online store presents the model of men's jeans Slim Fit - a classic, a little skinny cut. Slim-fit jeans are a highly versatile model. Depending on your tint you may choose to wear them in a casual or classic closet. Buy classic jeans in Ukraine in the online store minnim possible in different colors. Our range includes jeans in indigo, basic black, gray, classic blue, and light blue. The product lineup is regularly updated with new options, so you can buy cheap men's jeans for any season.

Jeans from the brand minnim choose for several reasons:

  • High-quality material. For sewing products, we choose German denim of high density.
  • Comfort. Comfort. 100% natural fabrics (cotton) with excellent breathability and thermo-regulation properties.
  • Practicality. Durable material and observance of high technology standards during sewing allow considerably increasing the indices of fabric durability. Men's jeans you can buy in our store are worn for at least 2 years (subject to use every other day).
  • Design. We pay attention to detail and we develop the classic models that do not go out of fashion for many years.

Check the quality of men's jeans.

The look of a pair of jeans may not always compare to the quality of the product. Even if you choose classic men's jeans, the traditional cut is not necessarily a sign of a good product. The main aspects to pay attention to when choosing jeans are the fabric, the quality of the cut, seams, fittings, and the symmetry of decorative elements.

The best denim today is made in Japan, as well as in the European Union. So when choosing the next pair of jeans, you should pay attention to the origin of the fabric. Quality tailoring will also largely depend on the country - as we know, in Asia sew the majority of mass-market brands. The quality of such clothes can often be assessed as below average. Only expensive brands can afford the production in the EU or sewing jeans in local workshops. These brands, respectively, have higher prices, but the product is more durable and has aesthetic appeal. Buy classic jeans in Ukraine of good quality - possible if you give preference to local brands.

To judge the quality of sewing jeans you can look at the appearance of seams. In well-made clothes, all the stitches on the front and back sides are even, with no gaps and knots. In addition, such clothing is characterized by 100% symmetry of pockets, straps, and other decorative elements.

The size of men's jeans: how to choose correctly?

At minnim online store, we use the traditional size scale for men's jeans: W30" -W36". The number of measurements corresponds to the size of the waist in inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm). Therefore in order to find the right size for your body, you have to divide your waist size in cm by 2.54cm. The resulting value will correspond to one of the sizes W30" -W36".

Before you buy classic men's jeans in the online store, we recommend that you measure the waist circumference, the hips and the length of the pants:

1. The waist is measured at the narrowest part of the body and runs along the protruding part of the abdomen.

2. the hips should be measured at the most voluminous part of the body.

3.  The length of the jeans is measured from the beginning of the waist to the beginning of the ankle.

4.  To find a pair of jeans with a good fit you can measure a pair of jeans of a similar cut.

5.  Compare the measurements with the values of the size grid of the online store. Take into account that heavy denim does not stretch, so buy men's jeans better a little larger size.

6.  Buyers can always use the help of our specialist. We will consult you for free and advise how to correctly take measurements.

Buy men's jeans Kyiv is possible in the physical stores Vsi Svoi and 482 Store. All models presented in the virtual store, are also available in stores in Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv, and Dnipro.

Buy men's jeans with delivery in Ukraine

Delivery of men's jeans in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnepr, Odesa, and all over Ukraine from the online store minnim is made for 1-2 working days. Buy men's jeans in Ukraine conveniently through the store, as we offer free shipping, as well as replacement and refund. Also, we have free addressed courier delivery for orders from 1600 UAH.

Delivery to other countries is performed according to the rates of the carrier chosen by the customer. The cost of such delivery is calculated individually because it depends on many factors: the destination country, weight, and size of the parcel, urgency of delivery, etc.

Any item purchased from us, you can exchange or return within 14 days of purchase (provided that the product has retained its commercial appearance).