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Buy jeans from the Ukrainian brand minnim

If you're looking for quality denim jeans, check out the minnim range. We offer products of our own production - all jeans models are developed by designers and sewn at the best jeans production in Ukraine.

These are versatile pieces that you will want to wear to work, school, travel and parties with a smart casual dress code. With minnim jeans, it's easy to create vibrant off-trend looks - choose your style, experiment and enjoy the variety of possibilities. In our store you can buy cheap jeans in a variety of colors and cuts, both for men and women.

Fashion jeans vs. classic: which is better?

By trendy jeans, we mean models that are only popular during a certain period. After reaching the peak of trendiness, such clothes lose their relevance. For example, jeans with rhinestones or heavily cut jeans were previously popular. Such things can be worn for no more than a year, and maybe less. Then new trends will take over the world, and in pursuit of fashion, you will need to update your wardrobe again.

On the contrary, we offer a conscious approach to choosing things. That is why we create models that do not become obsolete. These are iconic mom jeans, which have been known since the 80s and 90s.

The salient features of this model are:

1. High rise.
2. Models with a straight cut, as well as with slightly narrowed legs down from the knees.
3. 100% natural material - dense cotton denim with a uniform texture of interlaced threads. Such materials have low elasticity.
4. Blue denim is considered the classic color of the model, but you can also buy cheap jeans from us in light blue, blue, gray, black and other shades.
To create truly original looks, choose a versatile style and classic clothing styles.

Where can I buy cheap jeans of good quality?

If you enter a query in the search engine "buy jeans Ukraine", you can see a lot of offers in various price categories. But finding quality jeans at the best price is not so easy. Foreign brands of the mass market usually offer to buy jeans of “below average” quality, at a price of 1500 UAH and more. Higher-quality, but also more expensive brands set the price for denim products at the level of UAH 3000–4000 and more. In this case, it should also be taken into account that a large share in the price structure is occupied by the brand value. In other words, the buyer overpays from 40% of the cost of the product for the name on the label.
There is another option for choosing quality clothes at an affordable price - buy Ukraine jeans (from local brands). Small productions value their reputation and each client, paying special attention to the quality of clothing.
In our online store you can buy cheap jeans Ukraine, all products are made from natural denim. Every season we expand the range, sew new models and experiment with new shades of products. We pay special attention to the selection of materials and adherence to tailoring technology, thanks to which our jeans are many times better than products of mass brands. You can order things through the website or try them on in showrooms throughout Ukraine. Everyone can afford to buy minnim jeans.

How to choose jeans in an online store

If you need to buy jeans through an online store, you should check several important aspects before making a payment:
●      Evaluate the selected cut for compliance with your figure. Often the buyer looks at how jeans sit on a model whose figure is radically different. Under the images of the products in our store, you will find a description of the height of the model and the size of the jeans in the photo.
●      Find out the composition of the fabric. Quality denim should be made up of more natural fabrics (such as cotton). The higher the density of the fabric, the longer the item will be worn.
●      Evaluate the texture of the fabric and the type of thread weave. On the enlarged photos of the product, the texture pattern is clearly visible. A sign of the quality of the material is the classic twill weave (with a diagonal direction of the threads).
●      Review the information about the country of origin of the product. Quality denim is produced in Japan, USA, and EU countries.
●      It is also worth checking the conditions of exchange and return in the online store, in case the jeans do not fit in size or style.

At minnim, you can buy cheap jeans with free shipping to any region. Delivery of jeans to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, throughout Ukraine and Worldwide. Return and exchange of goods is made within 21 days from the date of purchase, all shipping costs are paid by the store.

Jeans sizes: choose the right pair

Our store uses the traditional American jeans sizing. The sizes of women's products are presented in the range W26"–W32", men's - W30"–W36". In this sizing system, W means waist circumference in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).
Follow these steps to find the right size for you:
1.     Measure your waist circumference, hip circumference and leg length from waist to ankle. Waist circumference should be measured at the narrowest part of the body, including the most protruding point of the abdomen. The circumference of the hips is measured at the most voluminous place.
2.     Compare the results obtained with the indicators of the dimensional grid and select the appropriate size.
3.     Consider the fact that tight denim does not stretch, therefore, between a smaller and larger size, it is better to give preference to a larger one.
4.     If you have any difficulties with the selection of the size when buying, please contact our manager at the contacts below. The minnim manager will advise on any issues.

If you want to buy jeans in Kyiv or in other major cities of Ukraine, visit the showrooms of our partners, where the minnim collection is presented. The list of stores is given in the "Contacts" section.