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"We are in the dark, but on the side of light": the first drop of minnim 2023 collection

This collection was inspired by the perseverance with which Ukrainians resist the forced daily challenges of everyday life: they assemble generators by themselves, give lectures at the Points of Invincibility, dry their hair in cars, leave packages of water and food for those who are stuck in the elevator..

We have always strived to create comfortable, durable things, but now it is essential. We want our customers to be sure that they and their jeans are ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

jeans brand ukraine

minnim new denim collection 2023 jeans

The first drop of the collection presents two models of jeans. Women's Straight is high-waisted straight cut jeans in deep vintage shades: dark blue, light blue, and gray. Men's Straight combines the advantages of a loose and straight cut. Available in dark blue, light blue, grey, and black shades.

While working on the collection, we focused on functionality: we improved the patterns for an even more comfortable fit, expanded the size grids, and added the possibility of choosing the length. For the first time, we used denim produced in factories that work with Levi's and other top denim brands. It passed all our tests perfectly and showed an even deeper, richer shade during processing.

minnim new jeans collection 2023

minnim new denim collection 2023

The campaign, shot in a Kyiv apartment,  captures the importance of home comfort and simple everyday joys for everyone who, despite the predictions of total blackout, decided to stay in Ukraine. In light of candles,headlamps, garlands, and smartphone screens, we can clearly see  who we are and who will win.

Thank you to everyone who worked with us on the collection and the campaign shooting.

New jeans models are already available for order on the website.

buy ukrainian denim clothes 2023

buy ukrainian clothes 2023

ukrainian jeans brand 2023

ukrainian clothing brand 2023

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