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How minnim jeans are made

Did you know that the process of creating jeans consists of several stages?

One of the most difficult and important stages, in which any mistake can spoil the entire batch, is called "washing". And we don't know this from textbooks. This is how our first batch of jeans was spoiled in the distant 2016.

StoneWash is a denim treatment process using special stones and enzymes in large industrial drums.

Few people know, but initially blue jeans are sewn from unprocessed "raw" denim in the color of indigo. And only after washing do we get our rich and complex shades.

Experimenting, we ran a lot of tests and sewed dozens of samples before we were able to arrive at our 5 vintage shades.

In addition to color, "washing" allows you to make denim softer and more pleasant to wear.

Another detail that denim lovers will appreciate is the multi-hued batting stitch that you see at the bottom of the pant leg or on the seams.

By combining technological processing and dense textured denim, we get jeans that will not wear out for at least 8 seasons.

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