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We reinvent ourselves - minnim

In the seventh year of minnim's life, we were overtaken by a crisis of meaning. We started looking for our real selves. To look for ways to meet our aspirations and values.

After months of thought and preparation, we seem to have found the answer. And it is perfectly simple.

minnim campaign 2023 ukraine

In the overflowing flow of information, purity is fascinating. We're building a world where jeans and a white t-shirt are enough to look cool. Eternal classic. Such desirable freshness. When there are so many meanings around and inside, you want to have a clean "form" shelter.

renewed ukrainian denim brand

In the new shooting, we created a vacuum where there are no accessories or props. There are only people and jeans, and all attention is focused on them. This is a comfort zone. This is a canvas for experiments. These are clothes when you're tired of clothes. This is a thing for all time.

Thanks to everyone who put their hand, mind and soul into creating a new minnim. The best thing about entrepreneurship is the opportunity to work with all kinds of incredibly talented people.

new ukrainian jeans brand

new ukrainian jeans minnim

Stay with us, follow the brand updates and buy quality denim at

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