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Women's bags

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Buy a casual style bag by minnim brand

In the collection of accessories from minnim we have embodied the idea of creating an original design combined with high quality. We made the bags that we would like to wear ourselves - these are versatile items for work, a walk in the city, a date, or a trip. Each bag is designed with the needs for comfortable storage in mind. It's an ergonomic design with thoughtful functionality. Our products will keep all items in their place, and you will appreciate the convenience of such use.

Buy a bag from us and you will enjoy the classic minimalism that is always in demand.

Buy a bag at a low price: the benefits of our bags

Among the many proposals to buy a bag in online stores and stores of mass brands, we recommend you to consider an alternative option. minnim is a Ukrainian brand of clothing and accessories with its own production.

Our bags differ from other brands in many aspects:

- Quality. We create all products in compliance with modern sewing technology. We provide not only a beautiful appearance but also durability of the product.

- Durability. For making bags we use one of the best materials on the market - leather and waxed canvas. Our accessories last much longer than mass brands.

- Design. We design models that will stay relevant for years to come. Buying a bag with such design means investing in a long-lasting closet item. We take classics and minimalistic style as a basis of design, so our buyers can complement any image.

- Fittings. We use branded accessories of high quality. This is the accent that creates the difference between quality items and a mass-produced product.

Buy a bag from minnim on our site in a few clicks. Choose the model you like and place your order. We will take care of the rest.

Woman's handbag: with what to wear casual models

The women's handbags are available in different volumes and designs, so you're sure to find a bag you like.

So what is the best combination for a casual women's handbag? Here are recommendations that will help you easily create different images with casual accessories:

1. Experiment with basic pieces. Regardless of the season, casual models harmonize well with the same simple, basic things. In summer it can be monochrome t-shirts and shorts/jeans, in the cold season - a coat or down jacket with a minimalist design. Women's shoulder bag perfectly combines with low running shoes: sandals, sneakers, boots.

2.     A mix of styles is acceptable. But don't overdo it. Each year to mix styles becomes more and more actual, but here it is important to adhere to the main rule. Take as a basis one style and complement it with several elements of another. For example, a classic coat with sneakers and a voluminous scarf will go well with our Tote Bag Shape. Buy a women's handbag on our website.

3.      Highlight accents. Minimalism is good because it can always be diversified with accessories. This can be geometric jewelry, a hat, a scarf or a rectangular shoulder bag. Such a reception will make your image more interesting.

How to buy a men's bag in the online store

To correctly select and buy a men's bag, look at the description of the product and the parameters of the product. The most important aspects in choosing should be the quality, size, material, and shape (appearance) of the product. A good quality men's bag will be made of durable material: genuine leather, dense artificial leather or waxed canvas. In the latter option, the men's bag will have the added advantage of being absolutely waterproof.

The size matters depending on the purpose of the subsequent use of the accessory. Decide why you need to buy a men's bag: for traveling, going to work/study, or storing necessary small things. Accordingly, trips around the city is unlikely to need a bulky model.

The same applies to the shape and appearance of the product. You can buy a bag of inexpensive good quality and suitable shape if you first decide on its intended purpose.

The site minnim a wide selection of men's bags with a stylish designs. We have small waist options, backpacks and bulk shoulder bags, which will fit a laptop and many other things.

Buy handbags in Ukraine: free shipping from minnim.

Choose handbags for men and women with maximum comfort on our website - all presented products are in stock. We will deliver your order in 1-2 days. Our store provides delivery of bags in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, and all over Ukraine. All expenses on the transfer of the goods we will cover, including the transfer of products in the case of exchange and return.

You can also visit the physical stores and showrooms of our partners all over Ukraine, in order to see and try on the products live. Stores are located in the biggest cities: Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipro. Store addresses can be found in the section "Showrooms".

Buy women's handbags Ukrainian manufacturer - a good decision, because we value the opinion of each of our clients. By buying bags from us you can be confident in the quality of sewing and service.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, be sure to call us at the phone numbers listed in the site's header. Your feedback is important to us!