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Buy a backpack made in Ukraine from minnim

Today the urban backpack is an essential attribute of active life. This handy accessory can be a stylish accent in both sporty and casual images.
The practical backpack can not be overestimated. It accommodates all the necessary things, including a laptop, study/work materials, wallet, phone, keys and many other items. Products from minnim have separate pockets and compartments for various small things so that all things are placed safely.
Our backpacks can be used as an everyday bag for work, school or gym, as well as while traveling. Especially convenient to buy a backpack for travel. All the necessary things will be at your fingertips while wearing them during flights and trips is much more comfortable.

Choosing a backpack for women: with what to wear

Before deciding to buy a women's backpack, you need to determine for what purposes it is needed. Based on this, you can choose the size and model of the accessory.

The range of minnim is universal models of urban backpacks with a minimalist design. These backpacks can be combined with a variety of clothing and footwear in any season:

- In summer, a women's backpack can be worn with shorts, jeans, skirts, and even sports-style dresses. The top of the image can also be varied: from basic T-shirts to shirts and jackets oversize, sweatshirts and various sweatshirts.
- Autumn/spring accessories will perfectly complement the images with leather and denim jackets, coats and hoodies. In this season, it is especially interesting to experiment with a mix of styles. For example, try a combination of stylish heeled boots, mom jeans, an oversize sweatshirt and a unisex backpack. You can add a denim jacket to the look.
- In winter, you can buy a women's backpack for a successful combination with down jackets of various lengths and shades, fake fur coats, parkas, and insulated bombers.

Before buying, think about your basic capsules for each season - so you can create interesting images with backpacks. 

Men's backpack: what to pay attention to when buying

Such an accessory as a men's backpack can be not just convenient, but also a stylish addition to your closet. We develop the design of each product to create a truly original model. Our backpacks can be worn not only with sportswear but also with casual and smart-casual outfits.

When choosing a product, pay attention to the following main aspects: 

1.     Functionality.
Determine for what purposes you can use the chosen model. For instance, can it hold a laptop? Is there a special compartment for it?
If it's a backpack for travel, how much stuff can you fit in it?
2.     Material and density.  
The necessary degree of practicality of the material and its durability will depend on the purpose of use. If you want to buy a men's backpack for moving around the city, the density of the material will not play a big role. If it is intended for travel - choose the most durable and waterproof options (eg, waxed canvas).
3.     Size
Determine how you would feel comfortable with a size backpack. For everyday use, medium-sized products are best. For travel, larger roll-tops are best.

Backpacks produced in Ukraine minnim: what are their advantages

We have created a line of ergonomic urban backpacks for fans of practical minimalism. These products are made of durable and high-quality materials that wear out only after years. Minnim backpacks you'll want to wear every day - our models are versatile and suitable for a variety of styles.

We've thought of every pocket, every compartment for convenient use on the road, at work, going to the gym or biking. Anatomical straps, laptop compartment, pockets for pen, notepad, wallet, and other small things - in every backpack you'll find the functionality you need for your purposes. We tried to make storage of personal belongings not only convenient but also stylish. Backpack production Ukrainian minnim combines the best features of classic backpacks, as well as other models in unisex style.

Our products are:

1.     Simple ergonomics. A design that offers the essentials, nothing is superfluous.
2.     Quality tailoring. We make all our accessories in-house and quality control is carried out by the brand owners.
3.     Outer aesthetics. We have embodied the best features of classic minimalism in minnim collection.

Buy backpack Ukraine with free shipping.

If you're looking for where you can buy backpacks in Ukraine inexpensively, explore the line of accessories on our website. We offer quality products of our own production. Backpacks Ukrainian brand minnim can also be found in showrooms in the 5 largest cities of Ukraine.

If you prefer online shopping, we have delivery of backpacks to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnepr, Odesa, and all over Ukraine.
Shipping costs, as well as exchange and return items we pay. So feel free to choose the model you like and place your order. If you have any questions about the purchase and the goods, contact us directly - phone numbers are placed in the hood of the site.